Overnight Tour to White Desert & Bahariya

Enjoy 2-days tour to the amazing Bahariya Oases With camping in the White Desert, exploring the beauty of this unique area in the Western Desert and touring its landmarks like Black desert,White desert, Crystal Mountain and many more.

Honeymoon Nile Adventure in Egypt

A romantic honeymoon package to Egypt. visit the Pyramids and Sphinx with Nile cruise adventure inLuxor and Aswan watching life along the riverbanks with fantastic shore excursions to the ancient sights.

5-Day Cairo Short Break at 4 stars hotel

Cairo short break holiday for 5 days in Cairo Egypt, a fantastic weekend holiday to Cairo ancient and modern sites like the great Pyramids with great shopping tours through Cairo famous bazaars.

Luxury Egypt and The Nile Tour

This Luxury tour will take you down the entire length of Egypt. In Cairo see the Pyramids, Old Cairoand Saladin’s Citadel and then travel south for a Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan, enjoying the ancient sights along the way.

Luxury Nile Cruise Tours from Aswan

An amazing luxury Nile Cruise touring holiday starting from Aswan to Luxor to discover the ancient temples and tombs. Visit Philae Temple, the Karnak Temple, Valley of the Kingsand Hatshepsut Temple at the West Bank of the Nile.

Day Tours

 Where ever you find yourself in Egypt, there are always exciting adventure trips to be had 

Travel Packages

Experience all that Egypt has to offer with an amazing conclusion itineraries

Nile Cruises

Enjoy taking a cruise down the Nile River the most unique trip through the heart of Egypt

Airport Transfers

Exclusive and reliable airport transport is provides from any of Egypt’s airports to almost any location in Egypt

Shore excursions 

The best tours from several different ports around Egypt


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Is Egypt considered a safe destination?

Egypt generally has a very low crime rate. You will feel safe in Egypt as the government is taking sensible precautions besides, in a recent report by Forbes Egypt was listed safer than USA and UK.

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We have been in the business in Egypt since 1998 and pride ourselves on using this experience to create consistently high quality, personalized tour experiences.
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Yes, Egypt Take Tours Egypt does provide a discount for private trips booked with large groups.
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The deposit required will be 15% of the total price of the tour, except during peak travel times around Christmas and New Years, when the deposit will be 40% of the total price.
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